The FAI provides the associations and organizations not only with financial assets but also its acquired knowledge; its Secretariat’s experience; administrative and management skills; project evaluation and networking.

The FAI supports non-profit associations and organizations that are acknowledged as carrying out projects and initiatives that clearly highlight their adherence to the definition of development that the Foundation identifies with and that therefore relate to the Foundation’s values. The projects and initiatives must in fact create the conditions that generate change, through the:

Empowerment of
the local actors

The local actors are the people, the civil society, public and private organizations involved in the development process in the areas where the intervention takes place. Their empowerment can be achieved through training, cultural, aggregation and reinforcement processes. The FAI’s relationship with the people working in the field is fundamental.


For the FAI, innovation is not a technical solution. Innovation is a way of working that optimizes and introduces a change, a way to improve social or environmental conditions.

The protection
of human rights

This is the essential requirement that has to be met for development to be possible and to be able to guarantee the right to a future. The FAI’s point of reference is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


strategic funds

intended for targeted projects or activities, in order to create a participatory and responsive grant-making relationship with the organizations.

and support

an area of non-financial services for supporting and training organizations whose actions encourage the local development.

Our partners

The FAI strongly believes in the importance of building trust in the relationships with the organizations with which it collaborates.

At the root of this is a genuine desire to understand and respect the organizations’ capacities and the way they work. They are given the space they need to express themselves freely, without creating dependency but by establishing a relationship of mutual support.