The FAI has been supporting projects in Madagascar since 2003 (18 projects) and in 2011 it decided to adopt a combined approach with respect to the implementation of the projects in the country.

The persistence of the political instability that prevented the return to democratic legality, with a consequent limitation on foreign aid, and the presence of activities already supported by the FAI with established partners in the country, were the circumstances that led to setting up an in-depth monitoring system for the existing initiatives and plans for future action. These activities include services in terms of assistance and networking while respecting each partner’s autonomy.

Regular field missions have been carried out and projects in areas and on topics of crucial importance have been supported since 2011.

Partner: CMC Saint Damien

Topic: health

Support for the Saint Damien Health Centre of Ambanja in order to guarantee hospital and surgical services, paying particular attention to maternal and children’s health; renovation of the Health Centre, supporting the cost of the treatment of poor patients; medical services with a mobile unit in the rural areas of the north of the country (2009 to 2016).

Partner: AVOTRA

Topic: Socio-economic development

Services for agriculture and for safeguarding the productive and environmental system in the Sofia region, using techniques adapted to the context. Agriculture here is the main means of subsistence, there is almost no industrialization and the environmental conditions are often unfavourable. Thanks to the project, a continuous and sufficient food supply is guaranteed to the population, generating an overall improvement in the communities involved (from 2011 and still underway).

Partner: RTM

Topic: Water – Health – Education

Access to drinking water for the population of Tsiroanomandidy, a remote area between the central highlands and the west coast of the country (2011 to 2012).

The fight against tuberculosis in the eastern Vatovavy Fitovinany region, with the aim to contribute to the improvement of the health system outside the towns, by empowering the social capital of the local communities, according to the National Community Health Policy guidelines (2013 to 2016).

Working together for the vulnerable children of Antananarivo in order to improve the quality of their life, and increase the efficacy and sustainability of the educational system in the capital and therefore the quality of their education, through three main activities: strengthening the organization and management of 26 learning centres; increasing the offer of education and training; making parents responsible for their children’s schooling (from 2016 and still underway).

Partner: Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa of Turin

Topic: Health and education

Support for the Catholic Mission of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa of Turin in Ilanivato, a central but severely degraded district of Antananarivo, one of the poorest districts of the capital. The mission is the only organization that provides educational and health services in the area (from 2013 and still underway).

Partner: FMA

Topic: Health

Renovation and support for the Don Mario Hospital, run by the Fondation Médical d’Ampasimanjeva (FMA), in order to increase the sustainability and efficacy of the care of women and children under 5 years of age, in the Manakara health district (from 2014 still underway)

Partner: Ecoles du Monde

Topic: Education

Renovation of the public primary school in Firaisana (Mahajanga) with a small contribution in order to prevent the school from closing. This school was very popular but it could not be used because the roof had collapsed and the toilets needed to be replaced. After the end of the summer holidays (2016), over 700 children were able to go back to school and have regular lessons.